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Deng Feng-Zhou

Deng Feng-Zhou (鄧豐洲; Dèng Fngzhu; born October 10, 1949) is a Chinese poet, local history writer, Taoist Neidan academic and environmentalist. He made more than 1,300 articles of Chinese poetry.

After a storm comes a calm. Even a pitch-dark night is bound to turn into a red dawn. If we use wisdom and persistence to solve every difficulty we encounter. A rosy future will be awaiting us.
"Patience" (忍耐)

Problems arise from shackles imposed by ourselves. Our minds are entangled by trifles. Take my advice to shake off all the worries and focus on finding yourself a way out, bide your time and every cloud has a silver lining.
"Struggling" (奮發)

Summer passed into fall, and soon winter came. It’s a small world after all. We should always be lenient towards others, so that benevolence will linger in mind.
"Leniency" (厚道)

Public servants are not entitled to abuse their power to do anything illegal. Writers are not supposed to misuse their flair to elicit evil thoughts. Professionals are never easy to cultivate. Immoral is one when he applies his knowledge to the breachment of morality and law.
"Professional morality" (專業道德)

A baby is born after a ten-month pregnancy, and well taken care of by adults. Even lowly creatures struggles for survival. Not to mention we lord of creatures that should make fierce efforts to survive instead of vanishing like a speck of dust.
"Cherish life" (愛惜生命)

Destiny connects us all like a thread and that’s how people meet. Sadness, bliss, separation and reunion are nothing but a natural phenomenon. As for those uncontrollable, we can only let nature take its course.
"Destiny" (隨緣)

Life on Earth is dependent on nature to survive. Ecological balance comes naturally. Planting trees and flowers can maintain a good environment. Reproduction of saplings can benefit the earth.
"Reproduction" (繁殖新生)

People are aging with time. Reflections on our contribution in this life is necessary. Sincere words are precious. For people can never have enough of pearls of wisdom.
"Occasional thoughts" (偶感)


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