Republic of China Taoists

The list Republic of China Taoists includes Li Ching-Yuen, Deng Feng-Zhou, Yang Sen (1884–1977), Moy Lin-shin and Li Ziming. The list consists of 11 members.
1. Deng Feng-Zhou
Taiwanese poet

Overview: Deng Feng-Zhou (simplified Chinese: 邓丰洲; traditional Chinese: 鄧豐洲; pinyin: Dèng Fēngzhōu; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tēng Hong-chiu; born October 10, 1949, other names Deng Chang-dao 鄧昌島 or Shanyangzi ...
Date of birth: 10 October 1949
Nationality: Taiwanese
Occupation: Poet
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  • 2. Li Ching-Yuen
    Chinese martial artist

    Overview: Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun (simplified Chinese: 李清云; traditional Chinese: 李清雲; pinyin: Lǐ Qīngyún; died May 6, 1933) was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor, known for his supposed ...
    Date of birth: 1677
    Date of death: 6 May 1933
    Age: 255
    Gender: Male
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  • 3. Moy Lin-shin
    Taoist monk, teacher and tai chi instructor


    Overview: Moy Lin-shin (梅連羨 méi lián xiàn) (1931 in Taishan county, Guangdong – June 6, 1998, Toronto, Canada) was a Taoist monk, teacher and T'ai chi instructor who founded The Taoist Tai Chi Society (道教太極拳社) ...
    Date of death: 6 June 1998
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  • 4. Fu Style Baguazhang
    Chinese martial artist


    Overview: Fu Style Wudang Fist is a family style of Chinese martial arts encompassing T'ai chi ch'uan, Xing-Yi chuan, Bagua zhang, LiangYi chuan, Baji chuan and Wudang Sword. Fu Style Baguazhang is one of the five ...
    Nationality: Chinese
    Occupation: Military
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  • 5. Li Ziming
    Chinese martial artist


    Overview: Li Ziming (李子鳴) (June 25, 1903 – January 23, 1993) was a martial arts expert and third generation descendant of the creator of Baguazhang, Dong Haichuan, under the lineage of Liang Zhenpu - progenitor ...
    Date of birth: 25 June 1903
    Date of death: 23 January 1993
    Age: 89 (age at death)
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  • 6. Fu Chen Sung
    Chinees martial artist


    Overview: Fu Zhensong (Wade–Giles: Fu Chen-sung; 1872–1953), also known by his courtesy name Fu Qiankun, was a grandmaster of Wudangquan martial arts. He was best known as one of the famed "Five Northern Tigers," ...
    Date of birth: 1872
    Date of death: 1953
    Age: 80 (age at death)
    Nationality: Chinese
    Occupation: Military
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  • 7. Kwan Sai Hung
    Chinese martial artist


    Overview: Kwan Sai Hung (born 1920) is the subject of the books Chronicles of Tao and is a Taoist Monk from the Zheng Yi sect of Taoism from the Huashan monastery. He is also a martial arts master.
    Date of birth: 1920
    Age: 103
    Nationality: Chinese
    Occupation: Martial Arts
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  • 8. Yang Sen (1884–1977)
    Taiwanese politician


    Overview: Yang Sen (Chinese: 楊森; pinyin: Yáng Sēn; 20 February 1884 – 15 May 1977) was a warlord and general of the Sichuan clique who had a long military career in both China and Taiwan. Although he was ...
    Date of birth: 20 February 1884
    Date of death: 15 May 1977
    Age: 93 (age at death)
    Occupation: Politician
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  • 9. Wang Yuanlu
    19/20th-century Taoist priest and abbot of the Mogao Caves in Gansu Province, China


    Overview: Wang Yuanlu (simplified Chinese: 王圆箓; traditional Chinese: 王圓籙; pinyin: Wáng Yuánlù; c. 1849 – 1931) was a Taoist priest and abbot of the Mogao Caves at Dunhuang during the early 20th century. He is c ...
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  • 10. Chow Lien-hwa
    Chinese Baptist minister, missionary, and theologian


    Overview: Chow Lien-hwa (simplified Chinese: 周联华; traditional Chinese: 周聯華; 7 March 1920 – 6 August 2016) was a Chinese Baptist minister, missionary, and theologian.
    Date of birth: 7 March 1920
    Date of death: 6 August 2016
    Age: 96 (age at death)
    Nationality: Taiwanese
    Occupation: Writer
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  • 11. Liang Zhenpu
    Chinese martial artist


    Overview: Liang Zhenpu (梁振蒲) (1863–1932) was a Chinese martial artist.
    Date of birth: 1863
    Date of death: 1932
    Age: 68 (age at death)
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